Twin Flames : Midnight Awakening

Twin Flames : Echoes of the Past

Twin Flames : Hunter’s Moon

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Living in a self-imposed prison is 
not easy for a teenager, and the chance 
to escape has never been so seductive
—or more dangerous...

On a rare night out, shy, seventeen-year-
old, Laura Stanton uncharacteristically
throws caution to the wind and lands 
herself in an embarrassing predicament. 
Fate brings her a rescuer in the form of enigmatic, yet alluring, seventeen year-old, Tristan McLellan. Then for 
her senior year of high school, Laura is awarded a coveted scholarship and attends the prestigious Danvers Preparatory School where she comes face to face with Tristan. Here, in
 an unfamiliar world of perfection and ancient secrets, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and forbidden love, only to learn that not everything is as it seems.

Caught between two feuding Elders, these two twin 
flames must put their love to the test and change an age 
old prophecy or be separated forever. Their relationship becomes the catalyst in a chain reaction of unexpected passions, friendships, and a heinous betrayal with life-altering consequences.